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***The Link To TheĀ Coach's Guide To Hitting DVD Is On TheĀ Order Confirmation PageĀ Once You Purchase!Ā  It Is Also Emailed To You!*** Sizing CamWood Training Bats is Simple A player should always train with the same length baseball bat that he plays with. For example, if he hits with a 32-inch bat, then he should train with a 32-inch bat. The extra weight is distributed in such a way that it is effortless for even an 8-year old to swing a 34-ounce bat. Think of holding a sledge hammer by the head rather than the handle. The redistribution of weight makes it seem much lighter. Why Train CamWood? CamWood Training Bats and One-Hand Trainers are the fastest and easiest way to teach the proper baseball and softball swing. Other heavy bats put all the weight at the end of the bat which causes a player to break down his mechanics and causes him to cast the bat around the hitting zone. With the CamWood Training Bats the weight is placed down by the hands. This unique design has two great benefits. It helps the player by aiding him to drive his hands inside the ball simultaneously with making him stronger and developing bat speed and power.

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