Camwood Training Bats are used by over 1500 High Schools,
Colleges and Pro Teams

The CamWood Trainer is a weighted baseball training bat used by over 1500 high school, college and professional baseball programs. The unique design of placing the extra weight of the bat down by the hands has proven to develop the proper bat path – keeping the hands inside the baseball. With its perfectly balanced design, the CamWood Trainer allows the hitter to overload in order to build more power and bat speed while developing the proper hand path through the hitting zone.

Hitting is not what you do when your timing is on; it’s what you do when your timing is just off. The most important aspect of hitting is understanding how the bat travels through the hitting zone – the area a hitter creates with the path of his bat. The CamWood Training Bat is the fastest way to teach a player to get the bat in the hitting zone. CamWood Baseball Training Bats have become the preferred training bat of pros and colleges.

The Results Speak for Themselves

San Diego State University was only hitting .233 with just 3 homeruns the first half of their 2013 season. Head Coach and Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn, turned to the CamWood Trainer for the remainder of the season and saw his team improve by hitting 67 points higher with 10 additional home runs.

For the past several years, many college softball teams including LSU and Oklahoma State have seen great results using the CamWood softball training bat. High school softball teams are now understanding the benefits of training with CamWood. The Pisgah High School softball coach, Heidi Morgan, started her team training with the CamWood bats and tees before the 2016 season. The results were quite impressive. The JV and Varsity teams had a combined record of 35-6 and outscored their opponents 350-108.

Many Teams see a Dramatic Increase in Averages and Homeruns

The NCAA and high school associations began requiring BBCOR baseball bats to be used by all players starting with the 2011 season. High schools and colleges saw a dramatic decrease in averages and homeruns, except for the teams that were prepared by having trained with the CamWood training bat.

In the South States Athletic Conference, for example, Brewton Parker College was one of the few teams in the nation that made the transition to the BBCOR bats, and increased their team average and homerun totals. While the rest of the teams in the conference hit an average of 15 homeruns less in 2011 than they did 2010, Brewton Parker hit 14 more homeruns, going from 47 in 2010 to 61 in 2011.

Hoover High School in Alabama ended their 2013 season hitting .304 with only 3 homeruns. After that dismal season, Coach Mike Davis purchased several CamWood Trainers and the team hit .344 with 15 homeruns for the 2014 season.

Charles Sikes, from Hinesville, Georgia, went from hitting .180 his senior year in high school to being a Division I All American player at Savannah State University.


Sizing CamWood Training Bats is Simple

A player should always train with the same length baseball bat that he plays with. For example, if he hits with a 32-inch bat, then he should train with a 32-inch bat.

The extra weight is distributed in such a way that it is effortless for even an 8-year old to swing a 34-ounce bat. Think of holding a sledge hammer by the head rather than the handle. The redistribution of weight makes it seem much lighter.

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