‘A Coach’s Guide to Hitting’ DVD

A high school coach once said, “I understand a great swing when I see one; I just don’t know how to teach it.” Unfortunately, this is true for most coaches and parents. This is where the Coach’s Guide to Hitting Comes in. Unlike most hitting videos that just show Major League hitters hitting and saying “Hit like they do!”, the Coach’s Guide to Hitting is a unique DVD designed to teach the art of hitting. It is the only DVD of it’s kind that shows the drills on a step-by-step basis which will teach any player, at any level, how to become a great hitter. Not only does it show the drills to become a great hitter, but shows them in the order in which they need to be done, the correct way that the drill is to be performed, and what to look for in the particular drill in order for it to be performed correctly.

A Coach’s Guide to Hitting will teach:


• The proper hand path to the ball

• How to achieve weight shift

• How to get maximum rotation

• Develop quicker bat speed

• Correct way to teach top-hand release

• How to avoid rolling over pitches

• How to avoid flying open

• Hit with power to ALL fields



As a hitting instructor for the past 25 years, one thing that I have found to be most troubling is the way hitting is taught. There are several different components needed to achieve the correct baseball swing. Each component should be isolated through particular drills in order to develop that one skill before moving on to the next. The entire baseball swing should not be taught at one time. A player should be allowed to develop at his/her own skill level.

That is why a player should be taught the proper hand path of the ball before getting to the weight shift and rotation. The Coach’s Guide to Hitting is a complete program of drills used by Minor League and Major League players on a daily basis. By using these drills correctly and in the proper order, an average hitter can become a great hitter.