Frequently Asked Questions


How should a player use the CamWood Trainer?

Since 80% of all hitting practice should be tee work and front toss, we have found that players have been most successful when they have used the CamWood Trainer exclusively for training.

At what age should my child begin using a CamWood Trainer?

A young player can begin using our Tee Ball Trainer as early as age 5 or 6. By beginning training at a young age, players will develop the proper path through the hitting zone.

Why should a player train with wood bats?

Most college and high school players hit with wood during the off season and in the cages during the season. In fact, most college players play in exclusive wood bat leagues (such as the Cape Cod League) during the off season. The reason for this is because the sweet spot of a wood bat is much smaller that on a composite bat. Hitting with a wood bat makes the player focus more on mechanics and the proper bat path in keeping the sweet spot in the zone.

Should a player use the CamWood Trainer on deck?

Absolutely! More and more college and professional players are starting to use the trainer on deck. Unlike those extra heavy bats which break down your quick twitch muscles, the CamWood Trainer actually reinforces the proper bat path just before going to the plate.

How are the products shipped?

All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days of the order being placed. Orders under 20lbs are shipped USPS Priority. Orders over 20lbs, including all tees, are shipped UPS Ground.