Camwood’s Adult Softball Training Bat

The CamWood Adult Softball Training Bat is used by over half of the Division 1 schools, including LSU and Oklahoma State University. Because of the short reaction time that a softball player has to get the bat in the hitting zone, the CamWood softball trainer has proven to be the best way to teach a short compact swing. The unique design of placing all the weight down by the hands allows the player to get the proper feel of driving the hands on a straight line to the ball and not casting.

Adult Softball Training Bats are available in 3 sizes, and come in pink and natural colors:


Players should train with the same size training bat as their game bat. For example, if she hits with a 33” game bat then she should train with a 33” training bat.


Adult Softball Trainer

The Camwood Adult Softball Trainers come with a 2 1/4″ barrel, and are available in 32″, 33″, and 34″ lengths. Recommended for players ages 13 and up